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Works and Books

A selection of texts and chapters, contents and cover pages from published books and articles.
You will need Adobe Acrobat/Reader to read certain documents. Some of the larger files could take some time to open. For close-reading of PDF documents, open the link in a new window
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List of publications

i Contribution in Book of Abstracts, University of Évora seminar publication (pdf-scan)

i Article in Danish journal Ræson on Nelson Mandela's relation to communism (pdf-format)

i Newspaper feature article (kronik) in Information in Danish on Mandela (pdf-format)

i Newspaper feature article (kronik) in Kristeligt Dagblad on the World Cup in Danish (pdf-format)

i Article in Danish on intellectuals in South Africa’s revolution in Kontur, University of Aarhus journal

i Educational material on Zimbabwe's colonial history in Danish, Operation Day's Work (pdf-format)

History Making and Present Day Politics, edited book, NAI, my introduction chapter (large pdf-file)

At the end of the Rainbow, co-edited book in Danish, SAK, chapter, whole book (very large pdf-file)

Operation Day's Work, educational material in Danish (pdf-format, large file)

Article in Danish on South Africa in Africa in magazine WOZA No. 7 (pdf-format)

NETREED research report, cover page and chapter (pdf-format)

Review in African Affairs (pdf-format)

Review in Canadian Journal of African Studies (pdf-format)

Review article, Danish Anti-Apartheid History, on H-Net

Aktivister mod apartheid, cover page and chapter (pdf-format)

Article in NAI's journal NEWS (pdf-format)

Journal article in POET on SA academic resistance (pdf-format)

Journal article in POET on SA university apartheid (pdf-format)

Journal article in 1066 on SA historiography (pdf-format)

PhD, cover and contents

Arbejdernes skjold, book cover and chapters (pdf-format, large file)

Sydafrikas vej, book cover and chapters (pdf-format)

Review in Arbejderhistorie (Workers History)

Article on Cape Town, Danish National Encyclopedia (pdf-format)

Article in Unisa magazine Union Beat (pdf-format)

AIF report (editing and Introduction (pdf-format)

Swedish book on SA (proofreading / facts control only) (pdf-format)

Article in magazine Skub

MA, cover and contents

Book on the Danish peace movement's history, cover and contents

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