Contact Information

Hans Erik J. Stolten, MA, PhD.

Home address in Denmark:
Skraedderpladsen 25
DK-2635 Ishoej, Denmark
Phone: +45 51826369


If you want a voice or video conversation with me through Skype or MSN Messenger,
I will often be online on Sundays 18.30-20.00 Danish time.
You can also call me or e-mail me for a time that suits you better - or just try your luck.

If you want to get in touch, you must register me as a contact person in your Skype program.
(Free download from
Use the proper program menu function to search for my Skype name: jakobsgaardstolten.

MSN Messenger:
You will need a Microsoft Passport e-mail address. You can register your usual e-mail address at, when you download the Messenger program.
I use my hotmail address as Microsoft Passport (
You will need to register me as a contact person in your MSN Messenger program and I will need to register you.

You will also need a loudspeaker and a microphone, built-in or as headset, plus a webcam if you want a video chat. Then we can communicate face to face.

For audio chat with people in the USA, VoipBuster will sometimes be the best progam.
My VoipBuster username is Stolten.



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