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Short bio:
Hans Erik Stolten is a historian from the University of Copenhagen, where he previously worked as a researcher and lecturer at the Centre of African Studies (CAS) through several years. He has written articles, reviews, and reports on South African matters for several periodicals and was the editor of two books on the anti-apartheid movement. His MA examined the history of the South African trade union movement and his PhD dealt with the writing of history in South Africa. He worked as a research fellow at the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala, Sweden for some years and has published an anthology on South African historiography. His research project has also been attached to CESEM, Centre for the Study of Equality and Multiculturalism, University of Copenhagen. He now does most of his work in the consultancy firm Jakobsgaard Research. He was a leadership member of the Danish anti-apartheid movement and is still a member of the NGO Global Action (former Africa Contact).




























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